[PD] strange behaviour with dynamic patching and folder declaration

Liam Goodacre liamg_uw at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 09:43:56 CEST 2018

I'm getting strange behavior on my system when trying to dynamically create an object located in a patch inside my Externals folder. The object creates if GOP is turned off, but not if it is turned on.

Can anybody else replicated this?

  1.  Extract the attached "test-obj" folder to your Externals folder, or some other folder that is globally declared.
  2.  You can now create the object [test-obj] on a new canvas, even though the "externals/test-obj" folder is not declared.*
  3.  Download the attached "test.pd" file to another location (ie. Desktop) and open it.
  4.  This patch has one instance of [test-obj] in it, and instructions for how to dynamically create a new abstraction inside [test-obj]. On my machine, the new abstraction will instantiate only if [test-obj] has GOP turned off. If GOP is on, PD can't find "test-abstraction.pd" inside the "test-obj" folder.

* It seems that PD will search inside a folder for a file of the same name. Ie. when the folder "test-obj" is placed within the main "externals" folder, I can create the object [test-obj] but not the object [test-abstraction] I assume that this is a feature? Either way, the buggy behavior goes away if I declare the "test-obj" folder.
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