[PD] MIDI timing FIFO overflowed receiving sysex (pt.2)

Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 17:08:43 CEST 2018


few months ago I was writing about some issues sending big sysex to Pd.
Miller suggested the following

*If you don't mind recompiling Pd, you can control the MIDI queue size
*>* by editing this line in s_midi.c:
*> >* #define MIDIQSIZE 1024
*> >* I think it has to be a power of 2.  You could make it 0x100000,
for instance
*>* (a million-ish).
*> >* To easily recompile Pd on a Mac, install the developer package (compiler
*>* chain which I think is now called Xcode), open a shell, Cd to
*>* Pd-x.app/Contents/Resources/src, edit s_midi.c, and type "make".

I tried recompiling both on Linux (Ubuntu Studio 16.04) and MacOS (Sierra)
but unfortunately without any success. I mean, I've been able to recompile
it, but the issue's still there. moreover I couldn't find s_midi.c in


so I had to use the source code.
basically I'm sending (relatively) big sysex to Pd as fast as possible and
I noticed Pd drops most of them. I'm collecting few hundreds byte on top of
did I miss something?
does anyone experienced something like that? any suggestion?

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