[PD] not resolving dollar in arguments : is it possible ?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 19 15:45:13 CEST 2018

On 2018-06-19 10:03, Raphaƫl Ilias wrote:
> Hello !
> I'll try to ask this in a few words :
> is it possible to dynamically save a $n-symbol as an argument in an
> abstraction, like you can do with [iemguts/canvasargs] but without
> "resolving" the $n index declaration ?
> The idea would be to reproduce a properties panel as with iem GUIs, and be
> able to put in symbol boxes, a  $0-receiverSymbolicName or
> $1-$2-senderSymbolicName and save it as argument ?
> I am trying various tricks, but unsuccessfully, see both attached patch...
> if someone has a idea or even a solution !
> or thinks it's stupid

hmm, indeed i don't think that this is possible.
the only way to create $args with [canvasargs] i've found until now, is
to reuse-those retrieved via [canvasargs] itself.

that is, if you have an abstraction [foo $1] you can use something like
the following to add a second argument "bar", while keeping the first
one a $arg.

[list $1 bar(

however, anything more complicated doesn't work.

now [canvasargs] behaves a little bit weird with $args anyhow.
if the args are queried, and $arg is output as an unexpanded dollararg
(A_DOLLAR, A_DOLLSYM), that's why it's printed as "$0-foo" rather than
the usual "\$0-foo", or an expanded "1046-foo".
this weird types are what makes the above observation actually work
(being able to set $args when taken from the output of [canvasargs]),
but apart from that they lead to weirdo behaviour (e.g. [list
fromsymbol] simply crashes).

so eventually, i could be talked into implementing support for setting
(unescaped and escaped) and getting (unexpanded and expanded) $args for
mainly i'll have to find a nice API to expose that functionality on the
patch level.

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