[PD] Puredata and DMX using OLA

JP - Escarres jpescarres at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 08:31:23 CEST 2018

That's it!
I didn't really understood the "compiling on ubuntu" part in the readme.txt

Especially this "You can copy the last command of the build.sh terminal
I thought the code line was inside build.sh, but no, it's outputed on the
So after this, my pd object ola2pd finally works! Thanks a lot for the hint!
It doesn't mean I can control the lights yet, but it's already a big step!

Le ven. 22 juin 2018 à 17:37, IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> a écrit :

> On 06/22/2018 05:37 AM, JP - Escarres wrote:
> > Hi everyone.
> > I'm trying to make my DMX interface (Enttec OpenDMX USB) work with Pd.
> > I read a lot of things about it, and probably the best way to make it
> work
> > would be by using Open Lighting Architecture (
> > https://www.openlighting.org/ola/)
> > I'd like to avoid using something like QLC if possible.
> > I'm on Linux (Ubuntu).
> >
> > I found this external http://puredata.info/Members/santi/ola2pd/ which
> > seems to be perfect for me.
> > I tried to follow all the steps (installing Ola, compiling Flext), but
> the
> > object Ola2pd is not recognized by Pd.
> > As they suggested, I tried to compile it myself by using Flext. It works,
> > but still, the object Ola2pd is not recognized in pd.
> > I received the message "undefined symbol:
> > _ZTIN3ola6client17BaseClientWrapperE"
> >
> > Any idea of what I could do?
> well, the problem you are facing is, that (at least) one of the symbols
> that are supposedly provided by libola is missing.
> so there's two possibilities:
> - either you are not (properly) linking against libola
> - or current version of libola does not provide that symbol any longer.
> assuming the former (as the latter would require porting the external to
> the new libola), i see that the readme.txt has an explicit note on
> "compiling on ubuntu", that requires you to repeat the linker command
> with "-lflext-pd_t -lola" *after* the output file (ola.pd_linux) rather
> than before it (because doing it in the wrong order will make modern
> linkers skip the linking; this is actually a bug in the buildsystem).
> even if you are not using ubuntu, most modern linkers will require that
> step.
> fgmasrd
> IOhannes
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