[PD] [PD-announce] Release of tpf-client / tpf-server

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 17:44:00 CEST 2018

Hey all

Let me a announce a by product that was created while working in a
research group exploring formats for telematic performances.

tpf-client[1] is a graphical multi-instance jacktrip clone built in
Pure Data. It establishes low-latency multi-channel audio connections
between two or more endpoints. Unlike the traditional jacktrip utility,
it doesn't require any of the endpoints to have public IP address, a
requirement that is hard to fulfill in many concert venues.

The client connects to a server - the tpf-server[2] - that keeps track
of connected clients and lets client agree on common parameters like
samplerate and blocksize. The server acts as a UDP proxy between
clients and thus allows clients to send audio among each other even
when they are behind firewalls. Alternatively, clients may establish a
direct peer-to-peer connection by using a technique called UDP hole
punching. This feature is still considered experimental and may not
work in certain network environments.

We have been successfully using this setup in a number of concerts with
two or three concert venues and the additional latency due to the UDP
proxy was small enough for our purposes, since we run the server close
to our university. The client comes pre-configured to use our server
running at telematic.zhdk.ch. However, we advise other interested
groups to set up their own server for productive use, on the one hand
to keep latency as small as possible, on the other hand we're still
doing experiments and might restart or adapt services. If groups or
institutions are interested to use this setup, we would appreciate to
get some feedback. Contact me directly.

The client:
[1] https://gitlab.zhdk.ch/TPF/tpf-client
    Standalone-App for macOS: 

The server:
[2] https://gitlab.zhdk.ch/TPF/tpf-server

Thank you,
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