[PD] rescan audio devices

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 22:57:25 CEST 2018

Short answer is "no."

Long answer is this functionality is missing in portaudio which Pd uses for it's default backend on most platforms. There is no way to rescan the connected devices within the library itself, although most of the OS-level components do (CoreAudio, ALSA, etc).

I have thought about implementing a direct CoreAudio backend for Pd on macOS which would add this support, but it's far down the list of things right now.

Best thing to do would be to bug the portaudio people...

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> Dear list,
> Is there a way to get Pd to rescan available audio devices (on OSX)?
> For example, if I use my MOTU, then disconnect it (because I'm leaving 
> studio and want to take laptop with me) but leave Pd open, then Pd does 
> not see it when I plug it back in next time. Very inconvenient when I am 
> in the middle of a project!
> I checked --help but AFAIK there is no internal message there to rescan 
> devices, unless --listdev does that. But Pd does not accept that as an 
> internal message, only a startup flag.
> Suggestions appreciated!
> Thx,
> Derek

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