[PD] low latency virtual MIDI for Windows? (tried loopBE1 and midiloop

Scott R. Looney scottrlooney at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 06:41:42 CEST 2018

hey folks, i'm working with PD and decided to move my MIDI performance
patch to my laptop which is a Windows 10 machine. it's a really simple one
that switches outgoing midi channels based on OSC data from TouchOSC. on a
Mac, i use the main MIDI input from the controller to PD, then PDs output
is via the IAC Bus to Logic where i have my instruments set up. it all
works great and has little to no latency.

on the Windows machine however, there is significant latency. i'm using
Reaper there. i did a lot of testing, changed interfaces to an Apogee Duet
and finally discovered that the lowest latency setting under ASIO gets me
just about there - except, when i configure it to use the virtual driver
for input as i need it to be, i get latency again. i was using loopmidi and
switched to LoopBe1. basically there's no difference as i'm still getting
about 20-25ms latency. for live performance on a keyboard that's far too
slow. if i switch Reaper's input to the keyboard's MIDI out instead, the
latency is basically gone.

anyone out there have some suggestions as to how to improve this? any
really low latency virtual MIDI cable/MIDI routing apps out there? or maybe
something like Jack could work for MIDI as well? any advice appreciated!

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