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0)  Observe this recent announcement from msp:
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    Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018 16:36:27 -0700
    From: Miller Puckette <msp at ucsd.edu>
    To: pd-list at iem.at
    Subject: [PD] electronic music teaching position at UCSD

      There's an opening at UCSD for a teaching assistant professor (a career
      position) starting July 2019 - apply by Oct. 15.  Here's the ad:


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1) New Blankets announces a *Special Promotion*  Event --

--  New Blankets *2019 Worldwide Welcome to Pd* & *Hospitality Mallorca
Finale* --

     STARTING IMMEDIATELY and running until July 2019 when:
 .  Casa Mallorca – the condo @ 8520 Via Mallorca; San Diego Pd
welcome-center – will be decommissioned
 .  A newly-minted Teaching Assistant Professor will start teaching and
assisting in the Music Department at UCSD (see announcement -0- above).

New Blankets 2019 Worldwide Welcome highlights:

2) – A terrific *TENniversary  Present*  from blanketeers to New Blankets
(and vice versa) -- on the occasion of  thisTenth Anniversary (aka TENary)
of New Blankets' incorporation in 2008.

3) – A serendipitous *Footprints Festscrift* for Hank Levin, celebrating
Professor Levin's 80th Birthday  –  and a small token of thanks for Hank
Levin's mentoring of New Blankets ever since 1971.  (Without calculating
Hank's yearly or weekly compensation rate dividing thanks/time over 47
cordial years. – Some of us are NOT economists, after all.)

4) Many other good synergies as yet to be discovered.

-- Announcement --

 --   New Blankets *2019 Worldwide Welcome to Pd* & *Hospitality Mallorca
Finale* --

You are invited to be considered for invitation as a VIP guest of New
Blankets to visit to San Diego and a experience a memorable stay at Casa
Mallorca -- NB Worldwide Welcome Center -- during the yearlong episode
(which is this particular San  Diego Welcome Center's last hurrah.)

    Send e-mail to :       welcome2019 at newblankets.org

Please give the NB Board some details along the following lines, detailing
these and related benefits if you should be  selected:

 A-- What economic support would you require to enable your visit to San

 B-- What would you “bring to the Party?”
      .Is there synergy of your visit to coincide with other collaborating
2018-2019 VIP guests and their families and fellow travelers?
      .Describe how a you would concoct a ** Pd-Weekend Program** around
your and colleagues visit?

C-- Will you be applying for the UCSD Teaching Assistant Professor
position (announced above)?

Upon our NB Selection Committee receiving your email:

-- New Blankets will acknowledge ASAP that you are in-process and are
being considered for selection as VIP invitee.

-- NB will keep you posted as we deliberate and gather further information
and as our official VIP selections accumulate ad lib.

-- NB will also keep an online/live-updated calendar of 2019 VIP invitees
as they are chosen and when they (each and severally) have definitely
committed to their booking  dates and times in San Diego.


        ** NEW BLANKETS ARTISTS IN TRANSIT 2008-2018  **

   (Please get in touch asap.  New Blankets especially wishes to arrange
invitations, participation and coordinated logistics for our  stellar
ARTISTS-IN-TRANSIT ensemble, from now in 2018 until July 2019.)


--- THANKS to every one of you who have been Blanketeers and AIT-folk
these past Ten Years!  ---


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