[PD] more intelligent patching (was Re: intelligent patching)

Antoine Rousseau antoine at metalu.net
Sun Jul 22 10:40:20 CEST 2018

Thanks IO that's (again) a really nice work!

Everything works as expected here. I agree "paste replace" could take place
of "paste".

Something I find slightly disturbing (which is caused by changes motivated
by inserting/bypassing features): now, selecting a connection doesn't
deselect previously selected objects anymore, so when you press "Del" key
to remove the connection these objects are also destroyed. Maybe the
patcher could only remove the connection in such case (e.g when the
connection was last selected)?

Anyway I think we will all have to get used to these new features before we
can take full advantage of them, but indeed it's worth the effort!

Antoine Rousseau
  http://www.metalu.net <http://metalu.net> __

2018-07-13 13:43 GMT+02:00 Liam Goodacre <liamg_uw at hotmail.com>:

> Oh wow, these look great. Many thanks for working on this. It's going to
> make things so much easier!
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> the summer update...
> TL;DR: https://vimeo.com/album/5289665/video/279631360
> I've implemented a few more features in my "intelligent patching"
> pull-request [374], that might make patching easier.
> so what's new:
> - everything is undoable.
>  - single actions can be undo with a single undo (e.g. if you've
> "intelligently" connected an outlet to all inlets of an object (or
> rather not so intelligently, as you want to undo that), doing a <Ctrl>-Z
> will no longer only undo the connection to the first inlet, but all
> connections in one go.
> - inserting an object into an existing connection
>  (similar to what Max8 offers, but without wobbly lines and using a
> keystroke rather than mouse foo)
>  - select an object and a connection; and press <Ctrl>-k
>  - OR select two connected objects and one object that is not; and press
>  <Ctrl>-k
> - bypassing an object (removing it from a connection)
>  - select 3 objects that are connected in a chain; and press <Ctrl>-k
> - completely disconnect an object
>  - select 1 object; and press <Ctrl>-k
> - swap connections
>  - select one connection; shift-click another connection
> - paste replace
>  - copy (or cut) a single object (or msgbox,...); then select a number
> of other objects (or msgboxes) and do "Paste Replace".
> by default, the type of an "object" will not be changed (so if you try
> to paste/replace a msgbox onto a floatatom, it will be ignored)...unless
> your selection only contains a single type (e.g. objectboxes).
> right now "paste/replace" is a separate menu entry (without keyboard
> accelerator). i wonder whether it would make sense to merge it into the
> ordinary "paste" <Ctrl>-v (as you need to have a copybuffer that only
> contains a single element *and* elements must be selected in the target
> canvas; so the paste/replace is pretty well guarded)
> - pasting with offset
>  - if the position of the pasted objects (really only the first object
> in the paste-buffer) is already occupied by an object, the paste will
> get an offset (as with duplicate).
> - autopatching into subpatches
>  - when autopatching is turned on and you create a subpatch ([pd ...]),
> the subpatch will automatically obtain an inlet (or inlet~, if the
> upstream object has a signal outlet~), so you can keep autopatching.
> that's probably it.
> thanks to Alex, Dan, José & Liam for more inspirational ideas.
> of course this is just a pull request, so we depend on miller to merge
> it into the "master" branch :-)
> mgfdsr
> IOhannes
> [374] https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/374
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