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William Brent william.brent at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:34:27 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I wanted to try out Davide Morelli's [ann_mlp] object, which uses the FANN
library for neural nets, and found that some of the FANN functions it uses
no longer work as of FANN 2.0. I decided to take it on and update things to
get basic functionality going, and then went further to add access to
additional/new FANN options and create an in-depth help file as well.

It's been useful to me in timbre classification problems, and if there
isn't already a current go-to neural net option for Pd that I just don't
know about, I feel like this would be a great tool to put out there again.
I'm happy to share this source code/help file, but I wanted to see if
[ann_mlp] is something Davide or anyone else still wants to maintain as
part of the [ann] library. I also see that Iohannes and Georg Holzmann put
in work on [ann], and I'm wondering about its status for the future. I
don't think I'll be taking on updating the other objects in [ann], so one
option would be for me to put my updated version of Davide's [ann_mlp] out
in the world on its own for now. I've been calling it [fann] in my own use
since it's a direct interface for FANN functions.

Any thoughts on this? Is there another neural net package for Pd that I'm
totally ignorant of? A more current version of [ann] using FANN 2.0 that I
just didn't come across in my searches?


William Brent

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