[PD] FANN external for neural nets

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 22:02:19 CEST 2018

I would suggest adopting it and add it as an "ann" repository in the pd-externals Github group: https://github.com/pd-externals <https://github.com/pd-externals> We can add you as a member.

With pd-lib-builder included, it would then be easy for more people to experiment and keep up to date. I would start by pulling the original commit history from IOhannes' SVN import repos: http://git.puredata.info/cgit/svn2git/libraries/ann.git/ <http://git.puredata.info/cgit/svn2git/libraries/ann.git/>. Then tag the last commit as version 1.0, if it doesn't hav one already. Next, bring in your changes and bump the version to 2.0 and we go from there.

One of the issues with Pd-extended was having such a large number of externals (which is great!), but slowly losing maintainers of many of them (which is hard for a small number of devs to deal with). With this transition to deken, we're seeing which externals people really want to keep up, so the code gets resurrected and the work gets distributed. This is a healthy sign for any external :)

> Any thoughts on this? Is there another neural net package for Pd that I'm
> totally ignorant of? A more current version of [ann] using FANN 2.0 that I
> just didn't come across in my searches?

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