[PD] Japanese language problem

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 18:11:47 CEST 2018

It's a bug. Pd should be able to handle unicode in this case.

In the meantime, you can set the LANG environment variable when starting Pd to English as detailed in https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/po/README.txt#L42 <https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/po/README.txt#L42>

> Hello,
> Pure Data throws the following error when I try to open up Media>Audio
> Settings:
> (Tcl) UNHANDLED ERROR: extra characters after close-brace
> while executing
> "lappend audio_indevlist {}CN (Realtek High Definition}
> global audio_outdevlist; set audio_outdevlist {}
> lappend audio_outdevlist {Xs [J ..."
> ("uplevel" body line 2)
> invoked from within
> "uplevel #0 $docmds"
> My OS is in Japanese and, according to this page (
> https://drugscore.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-194.html <https://drugscore.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-194.html>), I need to change the
> language setting of my OS to English (presumably other European languages
> would work, since I've used PD on a German-language system) to bypass this
> system.
> Just wondering if there was another fix- it's not a big deal for me to
> change the settings, but maybe for Japanese people interested in PD it
> would be.

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