[PD] [PD-announce] faustgen~ - the FAUST compiler embedded in a Pure Data external

Pierre Guillot guillotpierre6 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 14:04:09 CEST 2018


I wish I could just (double)click on the object to see and edit the
> faust code in an editor (of my choice)

Yes, that would be great. I'll see if it's feasible!

What is the recommended workflow for faustgen~?

There are several examples in the help file and I'll try do make a short
demonstration video. Meanwhile, the workflow is a bit like for the
abstractions or for the [clone] object:
- You need to have a FAUST file (.dsp)
- In your patch, create the [faustgen~] object and use the 1st argument to
define the path of the FAUST file (relative to the patch)

If you want you can modify the FAUST file in you favorite text editor and
after saving it you can use the [compile( message to dynamically reload the
FAUST file.

You can also use the [autocompile( message to automatically reload the
FAUST file each time you save it. For example [autocompile 1 100(.

> Wowww.. Thanks for that!! Some possibity to have an ARM compilation (for
> RPi) in deken for it?

Since LLVM and FAUST are compatible with ARM architecture, I guess it's
possible but I don't have the system to do it myself.  If anybody have a
RPi, this should be easy to do or perhaps if you know a good CI system
where I can compile online for ARM, I can have a look.

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