[PD] Gem - how to get a concave/convex plane

Jack jack at rybn.org
Fri Aug 3 17:55:11 CEST 2018

For me, the simplest way to achieve this, is to use a mesh square with
shaders. Take a look at exemples in Gem and shaders and how to move
vertices in model view.


Le 03/08/2018 à 17:02, oliver a écrit :
> Hi, dear list !
> I am looking for a Geo, that looks like a distorted plane, in particular
> a "concave" or "convex" plane as shown in this .jpg:
> https://wolke.klingt.org/index.php/s/QO7Vb5UDNn42CG9
> can anybody hint me to a way that this can be done in Gem ?
> the "convex" version seems easier, it's more or less a scaled cylinder,
> but i can't ssem to achieve the "concave" version with this Geo.
> Best
> Oliver

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