[PD] Pd-extended or Pd??

Jérôme Abel abel.jerome at free.fr
Sat Aug 25 15:36:29 CEST 2018


Pd-extended was so nice, but it is obsolete, based on pd-0.43.

Pd Vanilla is now pd-0.48. It contains a lot of super nice improvements 
for end users : osc messages, list and text objects, find externals 
(deken), zooming, font homogenisation, tclplugins, ... and a lot of 
invisible stuffs.

To build your Pd-extended, you have to know which objects you want and 
its container library (see previous messages on the list) and install 
them via "Find externals" feature. We've made a list of useful objects 
for instance (http://jeromeabel.net/wiki/pd/files/pd-extended-objects.pdf)

My christmas guess: a way to install a list of externals in oneshot for 
all platforms, it could be very useful.

To get round installing a lot of libraries in the Malinette project, we 
are trying to propose a bundle with pd and externals together : 

Not the best way, but it could help.


Jérôme Abel

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