[PD] problem to launch Pd when not connected to internet

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Oct 3 22:24:47 CEST 2018

On 10/3/18 9:17 PM, mauricemoncozet wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> On the occasion of an internet connection failure, I realized that Pd did not open (Pd 0.49, Mac OS High Sierra)
> And I can only open it on my personal connection. I tried at a friend's house and it did not work.
> What is going on ?

Pd uses a network connection between it's GUI and the core (which is
doing all the fancy stuff).

so you need at least "some" networking (though no internet)

also, for initiating the connection between the two processes, the
system might need to resolve "localhost" to an IP address. probably this
is failing.
alternatively, the system might hardcode the localhost IP as
which might fail if you only have IPv6.

could you please try the following (when not being connected to the
- start a terminal
- in the terminal run "ping -c 3 localhost" and see what it prints
- in the terminal run "ping -c 3" and see what it prints
- in the terminal start Pd with something like
"/Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources/pd" (adjust the path to the
Pd.app if needed)


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