[PD] save state. race condition?

Atte atte at youmail.dk
Fri Oct 12 16:56:39 CEST 2018


I just simply flat out love the new savestate mechanism!

I normally start from the example in the help, add sends/receives, I use it alot with number boxes and toggles.

I found that in larger patches, sometimes the states doesn't always "get to" all receives, the gui elements seems to always work, but if I use a restored value, I need to add a [pipe 0.0001] after the [r $0-somevalue] and where I want to use it.

I tried comming up with a simple example that shows this behavious, but it needs a patch of a certain complexity, so I'll have to continue on the bug-example.

Anyone one else been bitten by this? Any tips on avoiding it?

If it matters I'm on linux, pd version "0.49.0-2~bpo9+1" from debian backports...


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