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Marco Hugo Schretter mco at zimt.at
Fri Oct 12 23:06:04 CEST 2018

dear jean-marie,

which operating system are you using?

eg. in my osx pd-extended backups i see that mtx_./ and sometimes
mtx_* is missing.

if you are on osx and you have a running mtx_* or ./ external you
can try this for testing:

a) try to call the object using [iemmatrix/mtx_*] instead of [mtx_*]

if object won't show up then do (i checked it with mtx_bessel)

b) in your (working) pd-ext 42-5 go to the pd-extended help-browser
-> libraries and look for iemmatrix. now hold down your cmd-key on
the keyboard and doubleclick on iemmatrix in the helpbrowser to see
where it is stored on the harddisk. look for your desired object-help.pd
and it's corresponding .pd_darwin file (i tried mtx_bessel-help.pd +

a) then open up your pd ext 43-4 and do the same thing to see the
iemmatrix folder in the finder. there you won't find the helpfile and
the .pd_darwin file, so copy/paste both from the 42-5-iemmatrix-folder.

restart pd ext 43-4. go to the helpbrowser and check if the new object
is there now. or make a new file and call it with [iemmatrix/mtx_bessel]

this workaround should work. on linux/windows it's quite the same

the cleaner thing would be to install pd-0.48 with all desired libs from

liebe grüße

Am 12.10.18 um 21:09 schrieb Jean-Marie Adrien:
> Hello
> Trying to reopen an old patch with pd-extended, and erased the corresponding pd-preferences by mistake !
> Did everything again in the path prefs at startup, and one function is still not found :
> it is mtx_./, and mix*, arithmetic multiplications and divisions of matrices, belonging inside a very useful fir_mean_n filter.
> Actually both iemmatrix libraries and iem_matrix are in the paths
> Does anyone knows where this objects are ? guess an iem library ??
> (actually this object can open it with pd extended 42-5 but not with pd extended 43-4, the latter being the version i currently used to open it, so i am trying to unscrew the prefs and any hint about the source library is worthy in this process…).
> Tks !
> JM
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