[PD] drag and drop - tkdnd on osx

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Tue Oct 23 19:12:50 CEST 2018


so i managed to use IOhannes' dnd plugin with tkdnd2.6 package on a 
windows machine with success and wanted to do the same on a mac.

on the windows machine i put the tkdnd package (version 2.6) into PD's 
"lib" folder to make the .tcl plugin work

on OSX, there seems to be no "lib" folder, nor did i find a "tcl8.5" or 
"tk8.5" folder anywhere.

logically the .tcl plugin would not load and print an error in the PD 
console that the tkdnd package did not load.

does anybody here have some experience with this package on OSX, i.e. 
where would i have to put it and what versions work with the latest PD ?

and another one:

WINDOWS MACHINE: WIN7/64, PD 0.49, tkdnd2.6
APPLE MACHINE: OSX 10.9.5, PD 0.49, tkdnd2.8 (didn't find an older version)

thanks a lot for any help



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