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Tue Oct 30 09:00:48 CET 2018

It seems like the plugin could use a companion "drop target" object, like a cnv but registers drops and sends a message like "$arg $arg $arg was dropped on me."

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> hi via Pd-list wrote:
>> Hi Oliver,
>> thanks for these examples. They both work great for me! And I have equiped my playlist with Drag’n’Drop. My structure is like this now (parent) -> (GOP-playlist) -> (GOP-track) so i drop the files into the track. Which works great if i place the GOP at margin 0/0. Now i can have several playlists in my parent and all is fine until the window gets scrolled, then the positions are off and drop is recognized at a wrong place.
>> I just want to point to this problem, and have no clue about a solution since your abstractions worked so well but i didn’t really understand them with all the canvas magic.
> it's a really tricky mechanism that needs a lot of info-gathering and 
> re-calculating. IEMGUT's [receivecanvas] and [canvasposition] objects 
> are needed in several "nested"-levels to calculate the right 
> drop-coordinates. it took me a lot of time to figure it out to work more 
> or less reliably.
> so, for the moment, please stick to the convcention to use
> margins "0,0" for GOPs and no scrolling in the parent window.
> you also want to wait a little for the "official" dnd-plugin release. 
> ATM we're doing the final tests to make it work on all platforms.
> best
> oliver

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