[PD] drag and drop

Jean-Yves Gratius jyg at gumo.fr
Tue Oct 30 16:06:57 CET 2018

In response to your problem about scrolled window :

1) you should put an iemguts/canvasreceive object in your main patch 
and  wait for the first motion event it delivers after you received a 
dnd-dropped message (assuming you will move a bit the mouse after 
dropping down). This way, you get the correct coordinates in the patch, 
may the window be scrolled or not.
2) you should put a bang gui-object in your gop abstraction. Then, 
receiving global dnd-dropped msg will "arm" it, and you'll have to click 
to the gui-bang to confirm the operation. It's not pure "drag and drop" 
but it is a vanilia approach, and you don't have to calculate about gop 
coords and margins. Just wait for a click on a bang button.

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