[PD] VCV & Pd: Looking for a Champion

pat pagano shreeswifty at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 03:37:29 CET 2018


I am a long time pd user and recently on the pd group Andrew Belt, main
developer of VCV Rack inquired about a VCV pd module.

If you’re not familiar with it VCV Rack is a very powerful and successful
open source, cross platform modular synth emulation with lieterally 10s of
thousands of users. It’s honestly the most exciting free piece of software
since pd was released.

I would list pure data, supercollider, csound and now VCV as the most
important open source audio Control ans Design tools available.

Would/could someone on the pd list make a VCV external or a way to load or
make pd work inside VCV? It could be an awesome way for rapid prototyping
and could be a wonderful connection for pd

I don’t have the programming chops to make it but I’m reaching out here to
mention this wonderful idea and hoopedull find a champion to help us place
pd and it’s awesome power into once of the most significant new tools I’ve
encountered in years

With respect


Patrick Pagano B.S.,M.F.A
Assistant Professor in Residence
Digital Media Design & Development
University of Connecticut, Stamford
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