[PD] German translation of Pd

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Thu Nov 8 15:42:41 CET 2018

On 08.11.18 15:08, Winfried Ritsch wrote:
> Hi, Thanks for coming up with this theme.
> Yes some terms are very confusing, So lets start now real discussion about
> this. My main issues:
> main menu:
> File
>    message... : "Pd-Nachricht senden" is missleading, Pd-Nachricht is not a
>          term which could be found anywhere, better "Message senden..."
>         I think message should be "message" since SMS every german speaker
>         knows what a message is.

I disagree, SMS is "Kurznachricht" in German. "Message" is used in 
German in the sense of "Was soll denn die Message dieser Werbeanzeige 
sein?" Message is a neologism for Aussage.

I agree with those:

>     Preferences -> Startup: Voreinstellungen->Bibliotheken & Startprozess
>        It is to long, even not the same  than in english
>        I would translate "Startoptionen"
> Edit -> Paste replace: Bearbeiten -> Objekte ersetzen
>         I think "Ersetzen" is enough" although in english objects are not
>         mentioned
> Find -> find again : "Finde nochmal"
>         better "erneut finden", because we do not want to find "nochmal"
> Put -> ...
>     I would take the english names, since they are names of functions and not
>    some action advice:  "Object" "message"  "number" "symbol" "comment", ...

I would keep the current translations here.

>    Also Radioknopf is wrong, since "Radioschalter"  but "Radiobutton" is
>     anyway german ( https://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/Radiobutton )

Very interesting, TIL. I would suggest "Optionsknopf, Auswahlschalter" 
or something similar. The original Radiobutton where you select the band 
FM / SW / LW (UKW / KW / LW) is only known to people who had such Radio 
and this reference is dying out. (At least for German, I don't know this 
is for English speakers)

>    Very bad is "Feld" for array and "arbeitsfläche" for canvas, since
>    array is a data type and Arbeitsfläche means Desktop normally


Is Leinwand better for Canvas?

>   media -> Medien: wrong since Medien in german means "media content"
>          and we switch DSP on/of there tests and settings, so I think its not
>         even media in english, more like "System" or Interfaces

It's hard to find a short and sensible Word for this, I think even Media 
in the oriiginal doesn't fit either. How are the MIDI settings and the 
Load Meter Media?

> The Rest is quite fine, except: "Zusätzliche Objekte im Internet finden",
> since "Finde Externals" is more correct.

Is it really? Maybe it will just find the externals on my harddrive

> BTW:
> Since I use Pd on multiple languages and multiple computers, sometimes on
> standard accounts for teaching, I do not change language and don't want to for
> others, so let us make a better translation.
Could not agree more!

BTW, we could also make a DE-at version if the Austian terms don't match 
the german ones :)


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