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IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Nov 8 15:49:55 CET 2018

On 08.11.18 15:08, Winfried Ritsch wrote:
> File
>   message... : "Pd-Nachricht senden" is missleading, Pd-Nachricht is not a
>         term which could be found anywhere, better "Message senden..."


>    Preferences -> Startup: Voreinstellungen->Bibliotheken & Startprozess
>       It is to long, even not the same  than in english 
>       I would translate "Startoptionen"

i like "Bibliotheken & Startoptionen".
i wouldn't drop the "Bibliotheken", as this preference window is really
mostly about libraries and only a little bit about "startup" flags (i
think the english version is too terse).
also, i don't have any problems with the length of the string (but i'm
not using it on a 800x600 display)

> Edit -> Paste replace: Bearbeiten -> Objekte ersetzen
>        I think "Ersetzen" is enough" although in english objects are not 
>        mentioned

the "paste replace" is somewhat different from an ordinary "replace"
(e.g. as found in your favourite text editor). that's why i chose a
somewhat non-standard term (in both languages).
i agree that the german translation is sub-optimal and doesn't catch the
oddness of "paste replace", but a simple "Ersetzen" is probably worse
asd it raises different expectations.

> Find -> find again : "Finde nochmal"
>        better "erneut finden", because we do not want to find "nochmal"


> Put -> ... 
>    I would take the english names, since they are names of functions and not 
>   some action advice:  "Object" "message"  "number" "symbol" "comment", ...

mostly +1.
"comment" could probably stay as "Kommentar" (but then it might stand
out as the only non-translated widget)

>   Also Radioknopf is wrong, since "Radioschalter"  but "Radiobutton" is 
>    anyway german ( https://de.wiktionary.org/wiki/Radiobutton )

certainly better than "Radioknopf"

>   Very bad is "Feld" for array and "arbeitsfläche" for canvas, since
>   array is a data type

"Feld" is the translation for "graph", not for "array".
"Graph" is german word as well...

>  and Arbeitsfläche means Desktop normally


>  media -> Medien: wrong since Medien in german means "media content" 
>         and we switch DSP on/of there tests and settings, so I think its not
>        even media in english, more like "System" or Interfaces  

these only catch the hardware aspect, but there's more than that under
this menu...


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