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Joseph Larralde joseph.larralde at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 16:49:40 CET 2018

Le 08/11/18 à 14:40, Lucas Cordiviola a écrit :
> pd-lib-builder is ready to use 32 and 64 bit Pds if they are in the 
> default location:
> 32bit: /C:\Program Files (x86)\pd/
> 64bit: /C:\Program Files\pd/
> If you like you can specify any other dir when calling make:
> /make PDDIR=your/path/to/pd/
> On Msys2 you have to install the 64bit compiler (you probably did) :
> /pacman -S mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc/
I don't remember what I did exactly, but I think I postponed worrying 
about 64 bit builds at some point
because of the getfloatarray issue ...
> Just curious:
> you don't get the "/failed since it uses garray_getfloatarray while 
> running 64-bit!/" on OSX 64bit Pd?
My bad, indeed I get it on OSX 64bit Pd. I don't know why I assumed I 
didn't. Not enough testing ...
Things are getting more clear now, and I will definitely wrap my head 
around this issue asap.

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