[PD] monitoring function REC-Play for looper

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This is also covered in section 2.3.3. "hot and cold inlets and right to left outlet order" in the manual which is included with Pd under the Help menu. Id' suggest reading through the manual as it covers most of the concepts you need to get a hang of patching.

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> Thank you very much for your detailed explanations,
> they were very helpful for my understanding!!
> Cheers Clemens
> Am 08.11.18 um 14:05 schrieb Roman Haefeli:
>> On Thu, 2018-11-08 at 13:23 +0100, Clemens wrote:
>>> But what do you mean with "fan-outs"?
>> A fan-out in Pd usually means that a single outlet is connected to two
>> or more inlets. IOhannes strongly advises you to get rid of them,
>> because the order the many inlets receive the message from the outlet
>> is not defined. This is the single-most frequent source of bugs in Pd
>> patches.

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