[PD] German translation of Pd

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Fri Nov 9 17:10:12 CET 2018

On 11/9/18 4:59 PM, Max wrote:
> I just checked the de.po file and actually the German translation in
> there is "Kurve" for Array and "Feld" for graph. (Not Feld for Array).
yes. this was my first edit to the translation.

before it was the other way around, and i *absolutely never* had an idea
what was meant:

i selected "Kurve" and got a large rectangle (reminding me of a "field")
i selected "Feld" and it would add a line (aka "straight curve") into
the previously created rectangle.

since i changed it, i have to think *a lot less* what is actually meant.

a translation into my mother tongue should reduce my cognitive load, not
overdrive it.


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