[PD] naming a parent patch: is this external useful?

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 21:13:50 CET 2018

Hi folks, I wrote an external based on [namecanvas], but it can also name
the parent patch. My use case was that I wanted to keep it in a subpatch to
make my code cleaner, but that didn't feel like an excuse for a new
external. Nonetheless, I thought that there could be probably nice if you
could use this inside an abstraction and name a parent patch, who knows?
The thing is that if this was needed already, it would probably exist
somewhere, specially in [iemguts] of all places, but I couldn't find this
functionality there (or I just missed it completely).

So I asked about it on the facebook group and I got a feedback from Henri,
saying this would be quite useful as a workaround for this issue Pd has,
where you need to send the parent patch a |map 0, map 1< message so it
redraws - here's a discussion about it

Now I'm more comfortable in providing this external, but it is also the
case where this could be thought as a Pd bug and eventually taken care of.

So, in order to learn more from those who do lots of dynamic patching, I'm
also asking here on this list if you think this could be actually useful
for other use cases.

ps. as long as we're at it, why is [namecanvas] considered "not safe" and
"probably should go away, but there's no replacement yet"?

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