[PD] German translation of Pd

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sun Nov 11 10:33:28 CET 2018

Christof Ressi wrote:
>> meaning (= translation)
> reading the translations "Schieberegler" or "Arbeitsfläche" doesn't tell a new user anything about the meaning. they might get a vague idea but the full "meaning" of those terms only emerges when they create the corresponding object and interact with it. 

i completely agree with christof in this regard.

imagine any possible german translation for a simple yet extensive thing 
like "message":

Botschaft, Nachricht, Mitteilung ...

All of them (while technically "correct") would completely miss the 
point of what a "message" in PD is and what it does (i.e. as opposed to 
an audio signal, etc. ...)

and how would you translate "bang" ? Peng, Bumm, Knall ? ;-)

unless the concept behind "bang" (meaning "do it" or "do it again") is 
explained and understood, you can't make any use of it.

don't even start to think about translating more obscure name concepts 
like "patch" into german ...

(i know how long it took me to accept this term, that was otherwise used 
for cracking or repairing software ;-)

i too would leave PD-"specific" terms untouched in any translations, 
even if they seem translatable or simple.

my 2c



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