[PD] Free/Open Bounties

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 23:59:04 CET 2018

Hi all,

Can I ask our community what's the general take on bounties?

I've discussed this informally with a couple of people on here (not
on-list) and it's a polarising topic.

For me, free/open is doomed unless we accept that current/traditional
methods of practise serve as a form of serfdom - or require a hefty dose of
institutional/employer support (& often community participation - which is
great obvs.).

It's not sustainable for free software to carry on reliant on free labour

I've always liked something that Michel Bauwens (p2p foundation) once said
(roughly paraphrased), that copyleft can only be implemented once the
revolution is complete, and until then we require to get paid (somewhere
along the line).

There are enough crappy things out there that are purely extractive,
without replicating such political/economic hardships within my own
favoured idealised/idealistic communities.

This though, isn't to say I don't get the argument that it's a dangerous
line to cross, with projects becoming solely an economic arms race, highly
centralised, with reimagined methodologies and rules for participation.

It's a tricky one.

All input and insight appreciated...

Best to all,

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