[PD] Free/Open Bounties

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 12:01:03 CET 2018

Antoine & Alexandre - the GEM issue requires resolving quickly: GEM-devs/
IOhannes, take the goddam cash!! (and redistribute it accordingly:)

P.A. - Yes indeed, agreed re academia, though have to say, more and more,
it appears it's the 'top-end' of institutions, which provide such
space/time & opportunities. Perhaps we can say that those working within
academia and/or large software-based businesses (it's seemingly mainly
larger orgs) have already forged some equilibrium regarding F/L/O
production and contributions theein. Value may take many forms (most often
post-hard_cash), particularly when it may be measured.

I guess my questioning regarding the usefulness of bounties is in the
prodding of the fine-line that exists for the self-employed/sole
trader/artists/code-dabbling precariat.

E.G. Pd's history is littered with those who've become overwhelmed with
both the demands of real life and the burgeoning Jones (addiction) of
maintaining code (it was just a fun weekend hobby at first but then got out

I do think bounties are useful but I'm trying to talk myself out of it...

Appreciate the responses,

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