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Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Nov 12 12:54:29 CET 2018

I appreciate this lively discussion, and want to state I am not a linguist, 
even my german is not mainstream, some strange austrian dialekt... so my 

-  We do not need the translation to be an exact description of something, but 
it should not confuse and missunderstandable. 

- For me "Puredata" is a computer(music) language and "pd" is an editor for 
this.  in teaching it  (language) terms  which relates to a kind of  syntax 
does not need to be translated, like "message", "bang", ... 

- menus are for structuring the user interface not so much an explanation of 
something.  Power users mostly don't use them, the use short-cuts,
but if I want to show someone what I do I use the menu so it can be tracked...

- On a first usage (of menus) I need some time to find anything, but afterwards 
I only need the words as a hint, so I prefer a small description. So I do not 
want to read long stories in menus, but identify the entry within a glimpse 
and remember  it easily.

With this in mind and following the discussion my corrected preferences:

"File" := "Datei"  
   since used in other applications too

   "message..." :=   "Message..."
       instead of "Pd-Nachricht senden"

   using message... is something where I have to know what I do,
   so "message..." is a nice hint I can remember easily and three dots
    triggers the imagination what you can do with it  :-).

Preferences := "Einstellungen"  
            instead of "Voreinstellungen"

       since  "Voreinstellungen" means default

Preferences ->Startup :=  Einstellungen->Bibliotheken...
        since, like IOhannes said, its mostly about these

Preferences ->MIDI.. := Einstellungen->MIDI... 
                  instead of "Einstellungen->MIDI Einstellungen"
       since Einstellungen is in the parent menu

"put"  := "Einfügen" 

I suggest not "translate" anything under this menu, since this are kind of 
terms of the syntax Puredata , so use this words or nearly this words when 
edit a Pd-File with an texteditor or do dynamic patching, but if there is a 
translation, mybe for the graphical objects second half, my remarks:

  Radiobutton := Auswahl horizontal , Auswahl vertikal
    Auswahl explains the function 
    and vertical horizontal implies a graphic object

   graph := Graph 
      since is also german but refer also to graph theory which is a "patch"
    but intuitively we can used it also for the area of drawing something and
    array := Array
      an array is an array in german, another german word would be
      "Zahlenreihe" or "Datenfeld", but both is not in common use.

Edit -> Paste replace := Bearbeiten -> Ersetzen 
      instead of "Objekte ersetzen"

       I think "Ersetzen" is enough" although in english objects are not 
       mentioned. I don't see "Ersetzen" is something other than 
       "Paste Replace" it is not "Find and replace" but Replace
      since you also replace messages not only objects.

Find -> find again  := "erneut finden"
                instead of "Finde nochmal"
        because we do not want to find "nochmal"

Help->Find Externals := "Finde Bibliotheken online"
    instead of  "Zusätzliche Objekte im Internet finden",

    since "Finde Externals" is also wrong, like IOhannes stated,  we do not 
find objects or external  in the internet like in a patch or file system, but 
libraries of pd- abstractions as objects or compiled objects and more... 
and online is as much "german" as "handy" for mobiles and  nowadays only 
associated with the internet, (not so for a future menu in the "darknet...") 

Hope I could help a little within this discussion and we find a consens, but 
can live with other solutions also. 


Am Freitag, 9. November 2018, 17:27:52 CET schrieb Max:
> On 09.11.18 17:10, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> > On 11/9/18 4:59 PM, Max wrote:
> >> I just checked the de.po file and actually the German translation in
> >> there is "Kurve" for Array and "Feld" for graph. (Not Feld for Array).
> > 
> > yes. this was my first edit to the translation.
> > 
> > before it was the other way around, and i *absolutely never* had an idea
> > what was meant:
> > 
> > i selected "Kurve" and got a large rectangle (reminding me of a "field")
> > i selected "Feld" and it would add a line (aka "straight curve") into
> > the previously created rectangle.
> > urgh.
> > 
> > since i changed it, i have to think *a lot less* what is actually meant.
> > 
> > a translation into my mother tongue should reduce my cognitive load, not
> > overdrive it.
> Fine, what's Winfrieds opinion about it?
> I created a pull request for some of the strings where I thought was
> somewhat of a consensus here:
> https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/521
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