[PD] Sensel Morph External

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Nov 12 18:58:38 CET 2018

I have this resistive touch device as well and would like to use it in 
Pd too.

On 23.08.18 06:51, pat pagano wrote:
> hello
> i am hoping that someone might have an external for the new Sensel Morph?
> I just gotone and it seems to be pretty responsive
> i found this
> http://roaldbaudoux.org/nouvelles/112-max-msp-jitter/100-sensel-morph-max-external.html
> and it works very well and i am wondering if someone could either give 
> me a hand getting it working or might be able to help me compile or get 
> it playing nice with Pure Data
> here is the main page for it
> https://sensel.com/pages/morph
> it has really expressive Velocity and apparently is MPE which all the 
> kids are going crazy for nowadays :-)
> cheers~

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