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João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 19:24:36 CET 2018

A small personal tale: some years ago I needed help to have an external  
for the leapmotion - I was willing to pay for it, as someone would have to  
dedicate time and work for it. In the end no one even replied to my calls,  
so the thing had to rest. Some years later, it eventually worked when  
Chikashi did the coding and now the code is there for anyone who wants to  
use and abuse it. If at some point I need an upgrade, the cycle will  
repeat again.

I don't understand why this issue should be polarising: if I/anyone need  
something that doesn't exist and I can't do it myself, someone else has to  
create it. It's not reasonable of me to expect that someone will sit down  
for it and put aside her/his own priorities because of mine. Specially if  
it's an experienced professional which will offer good solutions - and  
that professional surely has a rent to pay, family, and might not want to  
work for google or amazon.
Specially in this community, without someone's support there would be no  
Pd to discuss about - and also several of it's externals (correct me if  
I'm wrong). There wouldn't even be a mailing list, as it's hosted by an  

And if someone is against these politics, they can always refuse to use  
the code that is generated from it?



> Antoine & Alexandre - the GEM issue requires resolving quickly:  
> GEM-devs/ IOhannes, take the goddam cash!! (and redistribute it  
> accordingly:)
> P.A. - Yes indeed, agreed re academia, though have to say, more and  
> more, it appears it's the 'top-end' of institutions, which provide such  
> space/time & >opportunities. Perhaps we can say that those working  
> within academia and/or large software-based businesses (it's seemingly  
> mainly larger orgs) have >already forged some equilibrium regarding  
> F/L/O production and contributions theein. Value may take many forms  
> (most often post-hard_cash), >particularly when it may be measured.
> I guess my questioning regarding the usefulness of bounties is in the  
> prodding of the fine-line that exists for the self-employed/sole  
> trader/artists/code->dabbling precariat.
> E.G. Pd's history is littered with those who've become overwhelmed with  
> both the demands of real life and the burgeoning Jones (addiction) of  
> maintaining >code (it was just a fun weekend hobby at first but then got  
> out of hand, STARTED TAKING OVER MY LIFE!!).
> I do think bounties are useful but I'm trying to talk myself out of it...
> Appreciate the responses,
> J
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