[PD] Free/Open Bounties

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 10:51:11 CET 2018

> part of the freedom of opensource developement is for many, that they can
> focus on what they are interested in.
> and there are no obligations.
> if money is involved that becomes more complex quite fast.

no one should be forced to do anything. If someone doesn't want to take a
task, then just say no - of course, but if someone takes on a task and then
changes its mind, that's a more complex situation; in the limit it could
take on only part of the bounty for the part of the work done, or not at

> that is not to say, that opensource devs should not be paid, just that
> some may not want to accept any money.

they should be free not to, and give it to someone else, put it in a fund
for other bounties or the next Pd con, ...
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