[PD] No current Gem for OS X?

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Tue Nov 13 15:08:49 CET 2018

(I don't actually use GEM, but have done a bit of work in this area.)

To clarify for the 100th time about the current state of GEM on macOS:

Generally, GEM works FINE when compiled for both 32bit AND 64bit macOS. It will continue to do so until OpenGL support is completely removed. Hopefully by then it will have been transitioned to something like Vulkan.

What does NOT work on 64bit macOS, are the video objects for input & output, aka [pix_film], etc. This is because the current GEM codebase relies on the Quicktime framework which is quite old now and was deprecated many many years ago. QT is 32 bit ONLY, so compiling GEM for 64bit means those objects may load but simply don't do anything. The fix for this is to implement new backends using Apple's preferred framework for 64 bit, AVFoundation. If you're talking about bounties, then that is the task at hand.

Just because there may not be a 64bit build on deken, doesn't mean there is *no* 64 bit support. (I've not checked.)

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> yes i checked and apple said that mojave would be the VERY LAST Os running 32 bits apps.
> Nxt Os will come in fall 2019, means we have ONE YEAR either to throw away our macs or get a 64 bits update of GEM : 
> am i correct ?

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