[PD] time/date objects in zexy

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 19:30:16 CET 2018

On Sun, 2018-11-18 at 11:08 -0600, Rick Snow wrote:
> The time and date objects in the current zexy are not loading on
> macOS High Sierra.  When I pull the .pd_darwin files from an old pd-
> extended resources/extra/zexy folder they do load.

Make sure to load the library. Only adding the path is not sufficient
for multi-object libraries like zexy. Since pd-extended compiled all
objects into their own file, everything loads by only specifying the
path. (The pd-extended way had its own quirks with certain objects with
special characters in their name). 

BTW: Some objects of the new zexy still do load, because some of the
objects are provided as both, compiled external and abstraction. 



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