[PD] [PD-announce] Ofelia 2.0 released!

Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Wed Nov 21 14:11:14 CET 2018

Hello Zack!

  that's a nice project! I'd like to use it in some GUI frontend 
projects for replacing tk widgets, have you got any menubutton, slider, 
tree, drag and drop examples?

  I've got crashes on my win32 pd version with shader/simpleColorQuad 
and text/easyFontLoader the asciiVideoExample doesn't show anything and 
won't turn webcam off when I close the patch, and videoPlayerExample 
doesn't show the video in window

Le 21/11/2018 à 12:48, Zack Lee a écrit :
> Hi, I'm proud to announce Ofelia 2.0 which allows you to use 
> openFrameworks and Lua within Pd for creating multimedia applications.
> Thanks to Lua scripting feature, you can do text coding directly on a 
> Pd patch or through a text editor which makes it easier to solve 
> problems that are complicated to express in visual programming 
> languages like Pd. And you can use openFrameworks functions and 
> classes within a Lua script.
> Using Ofelia, you can flexibly choose betweeHello, that'sn patching 
> and coding style depending on your preference. For more information, 
> please visit https://github.com/cuinjune/ofxOfelia
> The external is available on Deken for macOS(64bit), Linux(64bit), 
> Windows and Raspberry Pi.
> I apologize that the patches made using Ofelia 1.0 won't work on 
> Ofelia 2.0 since many things have changed.
> Any feedback is welcomed, hope you like it.
> Zack
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