[PD] webcam to pix_video with VLC plugin on Mac OS X

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Nov 22 16:07:12 CET 2018

Csaba Láng wrote:
> Dear List,
> I am still looking for a reasonable solution to have a video input to 
> Mac OS X with Gem.
> I was testing syphon_client, works almost OK, except that could not make 
> any motion detector out of it, no pix_background works with it, cannot 
> change contrast, threshold, basically nothing.

as far as i know from the mac/MAX-world, with syphon you get a TEXTURE, 
not a pix. which means that all pix_ objects won't work, because the 
data is on the GPU (not pixels calculated by the CPU).

this is actually a good thing for manipulating video as it's much more 
efficient, especially with larger image sizes.

the "downside" of it is that you have to enter the openGL world to do 
things. maybe start by checking out any texture-related GEM objects, 
like those listed under "MANIPULATORS" in the GEM documentation 
([color], [scaleXYZ], [rotateXYZ] ...) to see if it gets you anywhere.

i have a handful of shaders concerning contrast, threshold, chromakey 
(the one i recently posted here) etc...

if you want i can post them for testing



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