[PD] GLSL shader patches (was: "webcam to pix_video with VLC plugin on Mac OS X")

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Fri Nov 23 22:28:57 CET 2018

Hi, dear list !

i took the opportunity of csaba's question to
publish my glsl shader abstractions collection on

Hopefully it will be useful for other PD/Gem users
as well.

Please feel free to test, (ab)use, report, critisize etc.

Csaba Láng wrote:
> Oliver,
> sounds good, please share the shaders.

here they are:


tested and working with PD 0.49 under windows 7 and macos (don't know 
the OS version, sorry. but it wasn't the newest ...)

> Is there any option to move from GPU to CPU so the pix_whatever objects 
> can manipulate them again?

i think there is (don't know for sure though, never did it with Gem), 
but AFAIKT it's not a good idea. i did it some time ago with MAX/JITTER 
and you lose a lot of computation power (also framerates) in the 
process. other than for monitoring/debugging reasons i would stay away 
from it.



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