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The GUI tries to find the font size that fits a set of predefined box sizes. The one computer might have some system settings that make this process work differently then the others and this is probably out of Pd's control.

You can check a couple of things:

1. turn on log level 4 and verify the font and font weight that are being used, the print looks like "Using font: DejaVu Sans Mono normal"

2. stop Pd, edit tcl/pd-gui.tcl on two machines and uncomment the font metrics prints, then start Pd and check the log to verify the metrics are similar or vastly different: https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/tcl/pd-gui.tcl#L540 <https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/tcl/pd-gui.tcl#L540>

As discussed in work on the font sizing for Pd 0.48, the way the system works there is no real *guarantee* the sizing and positioning can be pixel *perfect* between platforms. I think we're pretty close using the metrics from Pd-extended but systems and system settings change...

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> Hello list,
> a small question about font size: in one of my computers the font in the  
> patch is bigger than in the others. That happens in the same patch with  
> the same settings. Is this behavior known?
> Pd vanilla (it happens with any version I install), windows 10.
> Best,
> jmmmp

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