[PD] (GEM) running pix_film without installing quicktime?

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Nov 29 12:47:06 CET 2018

hi, answering to 2 replies:


me.grimm wrote:
>  >> the class is already happening.
> oh... thats not good :)
> i just remembered... although it adds a layer of complication can you 
> just use [pix_image] with a folder of jpeg's encoded 0.jpg, 1.jpg, etc? 
> then just run it with a counter. this is basically just motion-jpeg 
> without being in the .mov container right?
> i have done this with students when in your situation before. its a bit 
> more of a pain for beginners but maybe distribute an abstraction?
> just a thought.

that will not work on windows because of this bug:


according to IOhannes this has been fixed in the sources already but you 
would have to compile Gem on windows yourself. i didn't succeed at it 
and it's probably nothing  you should do while a class is happening.

so, for this we have to wait for a next official windows Gem release ...


enrike wrote:

 > I will try in the evening in the class computers but at home I have a
 > clean windows 7 install in an old machine. I tried there but does not
 > play the video you sent. In the PD console I get this
 > filmQT: Could not initialize quicktime: error -2093

yeah, thought so ;-(

this means mjpeg codec is not supported natively, you will need some 
codec pack to be installed in windows.

i tried without success to produce an "indeo" video with ffmpeg. this is 
the codec the "homer.avi" video uses.

"wmv" can be played by [pix_film], but only on "auto 1" mode, frame 
messages don't work. same for mpg files encoded with "mpeg1video".

sorry, but i guess unless you can install codecs on your student's 
machines you are probably out of luck here, unless someone can prove me 
wrong ...




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