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Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 2 19:51:21 CET 2018

On 11/24/18 6:41 PM, Henri Augusto Bisognini wrote:
> Hi PD list!
> I have an idea for a "keyboard patching" feature for PD

On 11/24/18 6:41 PM, IOhannes wrote:
you might want to look for the ideas matju (mathieu bouchard) had about
this back in the days (i remember a presentation at Pd~con in montreal,
together with chun lee).


Thanks a lot for pointing that out. The article<http://artengine.ca/~catalogue-pd/18-Lee-Bouchard.pdf> contains a lot of interesting ideas. Also upon searching for the DesireData<http://artengine.ca/desiredata/> implementation he mentioned on a footnote and looking at the screenshot gallery you can see even more features than described in the article. Too bad the project seems abandoned since 2010 :(

1. I really like the console idea. Indeed it is something that would not stand in the way of newcommers but could be very very useful for experienced users.

If you think about it, we kind of already can send commands to canvases by using [namecanvas] and the Message dialog heh. A console would send the commands to the right canvas for you. More on that below.

2. I don't like the 45 degrees/tile navigating method. It is not precise enough. In the current keyboard navigation prototype<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyhm40tj7bU> i've implemented the following:

   - There is a shortcut to displaying the object indexes on the screen. Then there is a "goto" dialog where you type the index of the object and it selects it for you.

    (DesireData could display the indexes too).

    Not only this is useful for this "goto" keyboard selection method (which allows navigating faster and to objects that are not in your connection path) but it can also make dynamic patching easier. Plus it might be useful for commands if we decide for a console. Like creating connections on the console you could use those indexes. Something like

    conn 10-3 -> 23-1

    to connect the 3rd outlet of object #10 to the 1st inlet of object #23

3. DesireData implemented a "object class list" and an suggestion windows. We already have that in the "completion-plugin" (it's on deken. btw a new release is planned for the near future). I've been using it literally everyday and it saves me A LOT of typing. People seem to like it a lot, i even got some inboxes on FB talking about it. Also we had testers that said it works normally on Raspberry Pi :)

4. It would be nice if connection.mpeg<http://artengine.ca/desiredata/gallery/connection.mpeg> showed the keystrokes. But looks impressive.

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