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Date: Seg, 3 de dez de 2018 09:37
Subject: Re: [PD] Keyboard patching
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Em Dom, 2 de dez de 2018 17:24, Henri Augusto Bisognini <
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> On 11/24/18 6:41 PM, Henri Augusto Bisognini wrote:
> > Hi PD list!
> >
> > I have an idea for a "keyboard patching" feature for PD
> On 11/24/18 6:41 PM, IOhannes wrote:
> you might want to look for the ideas matju (mathieu bouchard) had about
> this back in the days (i remember a presentation at Pd~con in montreal,
> together with chun lee).
> Hi
> Thanks a lot for pointing that out. The article
> <http://artengine.ca/~catalogue-pd/18-Lee-Bouchard.pdf> contains a lot of
> interesting ideas. Also upon searching for the DesireData
> <http://artengine.ca/desiredata/> implementation he mentioned on a
> footnote and looking at the screenshot gallery you can see even more
> features than described in the article. Too bad the project seems abandoned
> since 2010 :(
> *1.* I really like the console idea. Indeed it is something that would
> not stand in the way of newcommers but could be very very useful for
> experienced users.
> If you think about it, we kind of already can send commands to canvases by
> using [namecanvas] and the Message dialog heh. A console would send the
> commands to the right canvas for you. More on that below.
> *2.* I don't like the 45 degrees/tile navigating method. It is not
> precise enough. In the current keyboard navigation prototype
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyhm40tj7bU> i've implemented the
> following:
>    - There is a shortcut to displaying the object indexes on the screen.
> Then there is a "goto" dialog where you type the index of the object and it
> selects it for you.
>     (DesireData could display the indexes too).
>     Not only this is useful for this "goto" keyboard selection method
> (which allows navigating faster and to objects that are not in your
> connection path) but it can also make dynamic patching easier. Plus it
> might be useful for commands if we decide for a console. Like creating
> connections on the console you could use those indexes. Something like

just a suggestion:

>     conn 10-3 -> 23-1

it would be faster to type like this

conn 10 3 23 1

the user only has to know the meaning of each argument, and this is also
how it is done in the .pd file too

>     to connect the 3rd outlet of object #10 to the 1st inlet of object #23
> *3.* DesireData implemented a "object class list" and an suggestion
> windows. We already have that in the "completion-plugin" (it's on deken.
> btw a new release is planned for the near future). I've been using it
> literally everyday and it saves me A LOT of typing. People seem to like it
> a lot, i even got some inboxes on FB talking about it. Also we had testers
> that said it works normally on Raspberry Pi :)
> *4.* It would be nice if connection.mpeg
> <http://artengine.ca/desiredata/gallery/connection.mpeg> showed the
> keystrokes. But looks impressive.
> Cheers,
> Henri.
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