[PD] tabwrite onset

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 00:45:42 CET 2018

>> I'm creating long tables (+20m, @22.05KHz, Pd 32b windows), where I read
>> a short voice sample from another table and copy them into different
>> places in the long table. Since that's running outside of the audio
>> chain, I'm using [tabread]+[tabwrite]. The idea is to generate an audio
>> file from a list of events without having to "bounce" the playback.
> two vanilla options that come to my mind:
> #1 use [array get] to get the contents of the array your are interested
> in, and dump that into a table (either using [array set] or an
> old-school [list prepend 0]->[send <tablename>]

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up using get+set, as it's  
important to click once and have a wav file ready, with no extra steps.  
One problem is that some samples overlap, so I had to use different tables  
and [iem_tab/tab_sum] to mix them. Maybe with more time I'll be able to  
have a look at another solution.

> #2 use [tabread4~] in a [switch~]ed-off subpatch and bang the [switch~]
> to do on-demand "signal-processing" (in your case: table-access with
> [tabplay~] and [tabwrite~])

That could be interesting, but I'll have to experiment a bit more, I'm not  
sure I get the principle.



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