[PD] Celebrate *Miller Puckette's 60th Birthday* with New Blankets -- (before Dec 31)

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Dec 6 15:35:52 CET 2018

2018 -- this 60th Birthday Year of ~msp --  will soon be only a fond
memory (25 days left in December).

So why not celebrate Miller this year with us, before life passes you by.

It seems that an appropriate msp birthday gift would be a work which you
create/present to honor and serve
those things that Miller has honored and served.

How about doing your own public thing:

concert/session/work/performance/abstraction/external/help_patch ...  

Your "birthday present" is actually offered  to Pd-land and/or the
community of your choice -- with no strings attached à la Pd as msp would
have it.

Celebrate Miller if you like, as you like!

-- NB is the sort of (dis)organization that doesn't prescribe or proscribe
or offer bounties etc.  We just change the world. Very slowly.  (And
because Miller is a Founder and Board Member of New Blankets, we've been
doing it better, since 2007.)  So Celebrate *Miller @ 60* before the year
ends,  quodlibet ad lib et cetera.

Here's some seasoning for your birthday stew though:

New Blankets will make some "Best of Festive Awards" in cash to honor
Miller's 60th.  It's a simple
game: You tell NB before Dec 31 how you honored Miller with your
free/open/public effort this year and New Blankets then awards you some
"Best of Festive" lottery tickets. (Double points if your team includes
those "identifying as female" or bonus tickets for other criteria YOU deem

On January 1, the New Blankets Plenipotentiary Awards Committee will count
up how many lottery tickets we've given away.  These tickets will all be
eligible in a drawing for NB *Best of Festive Awards.* In cash.  How much
cash? No one yet knows the amount.  However ...  New Blankets will accept
your (tax free) contribution if you yourself would like to make the Best
of Festive Awards pot bigger.  (In any case, NB will contribute/match up
to $500USD on its own.-- So the pot might  be as large as $1000USD  shared
among the lucky awardee/winners ... Who knows?

Of course, no one needs New Blankets to honor Miller on his 60th or to
promote Pd-goodwill.  We've already got Iohannes and Pd-list always ready 

If you want to play the *Miller's Birthday Best of Festive* game and/or
you want to know/concoct more rules
for this game yourself , please send email to Pd-list and/or to this
dedicated  address if you like:

                           msp60 at newblankets.org

NB will give you all the details and feedback you could hope for.

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