[PD] Keyboard patching

Henri Augusto Bisognini msndohenri at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 6 22:05:32 CET 2018

I forgot to say one important thing that i must make clear heh :p

i've suggested a "conn" ecause there is already a "connect" selector which is the one used internally by PD.

ex: to connect the 1st outlet of the 10th to the 2nd inlet of the 13th object you would send it "connect 10 0 13 1"

I'm thinking about another more flexible syntax because only being able to create a single connection per message might get cumbersome if you need to connect a lot of stuff. We could have something like:

conn 10,11,12/1,2   30/2   >   5/1   33/2

Which would mean:

create connections from:

  *   1st and 2nd outlets of objects #10,11,12
  *   2nd outlet of object #30

and connect each of those outlets to:

  *   1st inlet of object #5
  *   2nd inlet of object #33

What you think? hmm

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just a suggestion:

    conn 10-3 -> 23-1

it would be faster to type like this

conn 10 3 23 1

the user only has to know the meaning of each argument, and this is also how it is done in the .pd file too

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