[PD] Small vanilla suggestions (windows)

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 12:41:28 CET 2018

Hello list,

I have some suggestions for simple vanilla features which might be helpful:

- soundfiler - send a message when a file or an array isn't found. This
would be useful for the patch to process this information (instead of just
showing it in the console)
E.g. "error file xx not found" and "error array xx not found". This allows
to sort out the components using route, unpack, etc. and can be updated to
further error types.
For now the soundfiler reacts with 0 in all outputs.

- in pd extended, when typing in the name of a new object, the key
combination ctrl+return would "close" the object. This is now done by
ctrl+e, which serves for both closing the objects and go in/out of edit
mode. Currently, presing ctrl+e while editing an object closes the object,
but not the edit mode. Is it better to separate these two functions?

- in windows, when opening a patch the horizontal/vertical sliders are
always shown, independently if the patch contents take more space than the
window canvas (I think this was mentioned already)

(- I sent yesterday a post regarding donecanvasdialog and edit mode)


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