[PD] Grid, x y control

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Fri Dec 14 17:35:05 CET 2018

I forgot about data structures! this is a clean vanilla solution, Thanks!

On 14.12.18 17:00, Henri Augusto Bisognini wrote:
> I have an vanilla object that does that and doesn't require going into 
> editing mode.
> Check [pdPad] from "Guilla". It's not on Deken yet but i can put it if 
> you want to. The library is in an early stage but [pdPad] should be 
> ready for work despite not being customizable yet (GOP size etc etc)
> https://github.com/HenriAugusto/guilla
> Cheers,
> Henri.
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> Hi list,
> what's the current recommendation for a simple x-y Pd GUI controller
> type of thing? Like a slider but horizontal and vertical.
> There are probably a few externals providing this, which one is the
> best/most compatible/future proof?
> In vanilla this can be emulated with an object reporting its position on
> a canvas, but to use it one must change to the edit mode which is kind
> of counter-intuitive.
> Anything I'm missing?
> m
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