[PD] Pd Vanilla donecanvasdialog GOP starts edit mode

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 12:07:39 CET 2018

> however: i'm sure you are aware that the donecanvasdialog message is
> part of a "private" API, that is: it is used for the internal working of
> Pd and users are not supposed to use it directly (even though it allows
> you to do nice and handy things).
> so i don't see anything inherently wrong with the new behaviour.

is there a "public" version of it? as this is very important for some of my
abstractions and very useful, specially jp.menu and jp.preset, which
simulate a drop-down menu only using Pd mechanics.

> you could always send an [editmode 0( message to the parent patch, to
> inhibit the problem.

theoretically yes, but when being used in abstractions (which is my
particular case) it makes things harder to determine what is the main patch
window where to send the message to. And make it dependent on an external
library that will find out the main window name.

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